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Upholstery Cleaning in Bolton, Manchester

upholstery cleaning boltonFurniture can get dirty quite easily especially in households with children and pets, to keep it clean you’d need to spend a lot of time and money, as well as make sure that what you are using is not harmful to the fibers or material of the upholstery, or you can simply use Comfy Cleaning’s professional upholstery cleaning services in Bolton, Greater Manchester. For a fair price, we can clean practically any stain from any upholstery type out there, without ever having to use synthetic detergents. 

Benefits Of Booking Our Upholstery Cleaning in Bolton

There are some very delicate upholstery materials for upholstery cleaning like sued and leather, which require a special touch in order to be cleaned fully without harming their integrity or colors. With us you will enjoy a 100% quality job guarantee at the lowest fees in the region, as well as:

  • Outstanding cleaning quality
  • Full, deep fiber cleansing
  • No more smells or stains
  • Upholstery-like new
  • Special leather treatments

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Upholstery CleaningPrices
Upholstery - Steam Cleaning
Armchair £20
Two-seater Sofa £33
Three-seated Sofa £40
Sofa by seat £13
Dining chairs £7
Upholstery CleaningPrices
Dry Upholstery Cleaning
Armchair £55
Two-seater Sofa £75
Three-seated Sofa £90
Sofa by seat £30
Dining chair £30

And our Scotchgard treatment that prevents from dirt and grime sticking to the fibers, prolonging the clean effects and increasing the lifespan of the upholstery itself. When you call Comfy Cleaning Bolton asks for it.

How The Upholstery Cleaners Do The Cleaning In Bolton

Leather sofa cleaning Bolton

this is a professional upholstery cleaning service suitable for both natural and synthetic leather, both rejuvenating and cleaning it as much as possible, in some less affected cases to its brand new-like state. If affected with stains sofa cleaners apply a moisturizing detergent then scrub with a special paste that is made to extract the stain while also maintaining the natural oils in the leather to promote extra longevity. In cases where the leather has dried or is showing signs of drying, the Bolton upholstery cleaners use a moistening detergent that rejuvenates it, moistening the pores allow them to open and be saturated, promoting more flexibility and decreasing the chance of scaling and tearing due to leather dryness. All detergents used are bio-degradable as to best react with the leather and also prevent from toxins levels increasing.

Bolton steam upholstery cleaning

upholstery cleaners boltonHandles a wide range of stain and allergen removal by using a state of the art machine which boils a water and detergent combination which is used as a cleaning agent. Because of the high pressure that this treatment produces the upholstery cleaners are able to access even the deepest of crevasses and folds of furniture and extracts deeply-accumulated dirt from the fibers producing better results than the average treatment can. There is a small drying window of 2-3 hours at most, which could be minimized with an open window or if you call for our special air movers. 

Cleaning Services in Manchester

Book Professional Upholstery Cleaners in Bolton

If you want to book upholstery cleaning in Bolton, use the booking form and in case you are not certain what exactly to book, you can call us at 01204 319006 and ask for upholstery cleaners. The same can be done in our live chat room where we address all queries and concerns regarding what to choose, how we do things, what we use and anything else company or cleaning related.