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Rug Cleaning in Bolton, Manchester

rug cleaning boltonDelicate materials and rugs need extra care in order to be properly cleaned without losing their appeal and beauty. Comfy Cleaning in Bolton specialises in the careful and professional rug cleaning of regular and exotic rugs, with a special division that deals with Persian and other naturally fibered materials. Using all natural ingredients we lower toxins levels in your home while also producing the desired results, without charging you out of your nose.

Benefits of Booking Rug Cleaning Services in Bolton

With a professional rug cleaning service such as ours, you can rest assured that your rugs will be treated safely, with no damage to their colours or fibers, with true professional attitude and full insurance coverage. With our help you will enjoy:

  • Fully sanitised rugs
  • Damage free cleaning
  • More vivid colours
  • Full fibre conditioning
  • Healthier surface

Regular cleaning can promote a healthier environment for you and your family, reducing pollution and dust levels in your home, while also extending your rug's life.

Rug Cleaning Prices
Depend on Size & Condition

Bolton Rug Cleaning Service Description

Dry rug cleaning Bolton – is our treatment of choice, both using a dry compound and a foam like detergent that penetrates the fibers of your rugs. With minimal to no moisture interacting with its colours, it prevents from damage occurring and affecting its looks and longevity. Some materials require a more gentle approach, this is where the rug cleaner use the dry compound applied with a fine brush on the affected area of the rug. For a proper rug cleaning in Bolton, the professional rug cleaners leave it to react for 12-15 minutes after which we remove it from the rugs using a gentle yet powerful vacuum machine extracting all of the filth and stainings along with the detergent. This leaves an evenly cleaned area which promotes the health of the rug.

rug cleaners boltonSteam rug cleaning – is a fast reacting method the purpose of which is to remove any hard to extract stains specialising in organic and in some cases in synthetic stains. Very good against greasy food stains, food colouring, dried chewing gum, paint and even tar and engine oil. Because of its capabilities, this is regarded as the most flexible treatment which can be implemented on every synthetic or woollen rug, without any chance of damage to the natural pigmentation of the rug or impairment to the strength of the fibres. It is also good for extracting dry compounds as it introduces high heat moisture which gathers all of the dust and extracts it fully from the rug quickly and efficiently. To properly apply the cleaning mixture the professional rug cleaners hoover and treat any stains then use a narrow nozzle to apply steam and detergent which is immediately drawn our using a vacuum machine.

Book Professional Rug Cleaners in Bolton

To book this specific rug cleaning service in Bolton with the professional cleaner use the booking form. Not sure what exactly to choose? Call us at 01204 319006 and the customer centre will help you with identifying your rugs and suggesting proper treatments that correspond to the type of fibres present. Visit the live chat if you want more information on anything on the website or any of our services.