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Mattress Cleaning in Bolton by Comfy Cleaning

mattress cleaning boltonYour bedroom is your personal fortress, you don't have to tolerate any smells, stains or even bed bugs or dust mites. With Comfy Cleaning in Bolton, you don't have to tolerate anything but perfectly clean and safe bed mattresses and pillows. Order our professional mattress cleaning service. With more than 10 years of service and knowledge, we can handle pretty much any issues you might have with your mattress, saving you the time and money of having to buy a new one.

Benefits of Hire Professional Mattress Cleaners from Comfy Bolton

Bed pests can lead to unpleasant nights due to bites, itching and even lead to allergic reactions if you make contact with their fecal matter, which you will. This is where professional mattress cleaners help with: 

  • Bed bug-free beds
  • Complete dust mote extraction
  • No more allergens
  • Stain and dust extraction
  • Toxin-free cleaning

And a protective layer of our special detergent that will prevent bacterial growth and the development of more bed bug or dust mite colonies.

mattress cleaning discount

Mattress Steam Cleaning
Single Mattress £18
Dry Mattress Cleaning
Single Mattress £48

Minimum charges apply.

How We Do The Mattress Cleaning In Bolton

U.V Lights mattress cleaning

That service allows us to exterminate bed pests without resorting to dangerous fumes, detergents, and poisons. We manage to clean and remove bacteria with the help of light, or to be precise a length of the light that science calls Ultraviolet light. The mattress cleaners use light bulbs that manage to emit these lights that, unlike naturally occurring lights, do not harm the fibers or colors of your mattress, but are poisonous to bed bugs and dust mites. We use 2-3 simultaneously for greater effect for a pre-set amount of time, depending on the type of mattress and the estimated size of the colony to be exterminated. After the lights are finished we extract everything using vacuum leaving your bed ready to use.

Steam mattress cleaning in Bolton

The steam mattress cleaning is the quick counterpart that focuses on stains and odor removal, generally better used on synthetic and woolen surfaces. Because of the high heat and pressure output, the procedure has, it is best used in moderation rather than on the entire mattress. For a more thorough cleaning, we use a narrow muzzle and a special mixture that optimize the cleaning pattern, without saturating the fibers of the mattress with water. We extract everything immediately leaving a sanitized surface.

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