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We take great care when cleaning residential homes, thoroughly following protocol to receive the best results possible.

Not you necessarily, but it would be great if at least one representative of this household could be here to be a witness to our cleaning.

By staying relaxed and moving heavy pieces of furniture beforehand so its easier for our cleaners to treat the affected objects.

What you are experiencing are the 5% of moisture leftover from a treatment called “Steam cleaning”, it should be dried within 2 to 3 hours or even sooner with an open window.

With over 50 specialised detergents and 10 of experience in the field, we will do our best to give you the desired results.

Upon your request we can send a supervisor over to inspect the affected area and decide what method best suits the situation.

All of our cleaning supplies are derived in an eco-friendly way, produced from only natural ingredients, this greatly reduced the chance of allergic reactions in humans and their pets.

All detergents and natural and bio-degradable, reducing their footprint and effect on the environment while still keeping them effective for cleaning purposes.

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