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Curtain Cleaning in Bolton

curtain cleaning boltonDust is generated in high traffic households, homes with animals or small children or during normal living. That dust quickly gets airborne and either sticks to your curtains and carpets or in your lungs. With Comfy Cleaning in Bolton, you can quickly and efficiently. 
Remove any dust or grime from your curtains and reduce the chance of breathing it yourself. Our curtain cleaning service is affordable and efficient and can accommodate the proper cleaning of any curtain type out there.

Benefits With Comfy Curtain Cleaning, Bolton

We handle all aspects of curtain cleaning, bringing every supply needed for a proper job, without asking you to provide or do anything besides move heavier furniture that might impair our ability to clean. You can enjoy a lot more than that, by booking us in Bolton you also get:

  • Evenly cleaned curtains
  • No leftovers of detergents or moisture
  • Quick drying methods
  • No wrinkling of fabrics
  • Sun colour protection

If these interest you and you want to learn more abut our benefits, call 01204 319006 and ask our helpful staff.

Curtain Steam Cleaning
Half length pair of curtains £19
Full-length pair of curtains £24
Dry Curtain Cleaning
Half length pair of curtains £60
Full-length pair of curtains £90

Curtain Cleaning And How Comfy Cleaning Does It

Steam curtain cleaning

curtain cleaners boltonThis curtain cleaning treatment in Bolton allows the curtain cleaner to efficiently clean your drapery without having to take it down or use any dangerous detergents and chemicals to remove stains or dirt accumulated. The high temperature and moisture output of this service allows for the immediate decomposition of dirt, extracting it into the specially designed container, separating dirt from fiber without damaging the materials strength or colours. We apply the cleaning mixture with a high-pressure steam jet that does not require us to take the curtains down, but will administer the solution directly to fibers as they are. Gravity helps with reducing wrinkling and the weight of the leftover moisture additionally reduces wrinkling.

Dry curtain cleaning in Bolton

To suited for more delicate fibers, is used to remove greasy, wet and otherwise hard to remove stains without doing damage to the curtain itself. Optimized for the proper handling of drapery of all natural sources, it is quick and efficient and does not require the drying of the curtain, however, necessitates for it to be taken down, don't worry, we put it back up free of charge.

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